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Keladi – Archaeology Museum

    Jain idols & Inscriptions housed at the Archaeology Museum, Keladi, Sagar Taluk, Shimoga District, Karnataka, India.

    -Photos by Nitin H.P. (HPN@JHC), Bengaluru

    The Archaeology Museum at Keladi houses a couple of ruined Tirthankar idols in Padmasana (sitting posture), a Brahma Yaksha idol and few  Sallekhana Memorial inscriptions called as Nishadis.

    The founder of the museum is Keladi Gunda Jois, an individual who strived day and night into preserving the rich history of Keladi. Jois set up the museum in 1962 as Keladi Museum and Historical Research Bureau. A Trust was formed to look after the daily administration and a group of scholars formed the board of trustees.

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