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Welcome to ‘Jinayatra’

    Jinayatra, the word might sound interesting for some and pretty outdated for a few and few others might feel that it is all about Jainism and Jain travelogue. Yes, that is true, agree with both the thoughts. For many it might mean a journey through Jain pilgrim places of worship. This is true but not absolutely true! Let me elaborate more on this.

    I have been working on our website WWW.JAINHERITAGECENTRES.COM (JHC) since the past 14 years. I have been working on Jainism, its heritage and involved in many other related activities. In the due course of my work with JHC every day is a new day and every experience is a unique one as I have come across many people from different regions, backgrounds, thoughts, languages, culture and so on. During the course of this journey I have had both bitter, better and best experiences. Over the years I have been updating JHC regularly through articles, news, views and illustrations. However, there are a few background stories, unique experiences more over some are life time ones behind each of these presentation. I was always looking forward to share these experiences at one point or the other. Jinayatra is a culmination of all such unique experiences and anecdotes behind the travelogue.

    In this column you will find many interesting untold stories with the presentations you have been seeing online. I might pick up a topic or an instance which is 20-25 years old or even much older than this or something that would have happened just a couple of days back or a travelogue experience or about a learning.

    Let me have your feedback on this blog and feel free to express your thoughts and opinions about it. Your candid and straight forward expressions are really a boon to this venture.

    I take this opportunity to welcome you all to this unique Jinayatra on the 14th anniversary of JHC. Hope to make Jinayatra interesting.

    Always Yours,

    26th May 2016

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