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Arihantagiri – Tirumalai – Donations

    Tirumalai popluarly called as Arihanthagiri among the people is a Jain pilgrim centre having a history of  over 2,300 years. It is said that the last Shrutakevali Sri Bhadrabahu Muni along with his 8,000 disciples had visited this place. a bhattarakhapeta has been established here since 8-2-1998 with Swasti Sri Dhavalakeerthi Bhattarakha Maharaj as its chief pontiff. Various schemes have been undertaken here with an intension of propagating Jainism. The most important among them is the Acharya Akalanka Vidyapeetha Gurukula. You are here by requested to donate generously to the projects and be a part of it. The donations can be sent either by money order, cheque or demand draft to:

    Acharya Akalanka Vidyapeetha Gurukula
    Srikshetra Arihanthagiri
    Digambara Jain Muth
    Tirumaial – 606907
    Polur Taluk, Tiruvannamalai District,
    Tamil Nadu, India.

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