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    Main Deity – Nearly 1 feet high, idol of Bhagawan Bhateva Parshwanatha in Padmasana posture with Yaksha & Yakshi.

    Temple History – This temple was constructed by Shravak Sri Suchandra in the year 1335 of the Vikrama era under the guidance of Acharya Shri Ajitasinhasurisvarji. It was then renovated in the year 1535 of the vikrama era by Shravaka Sri Ravinchandra. It is said that the idol of Bhagawan Parshwananatha was found to Sri Suchandera in a village called Bhatuar near Idar. Since this idol was found during the land excavations at Bhatuar Village, this idol is called as Bhateva Parshwanatha. We can also find some of the paintings related to Jainism in this temple. The painting in the temples indicates that Gods worshiped the idol in earlier period.

    This temple is at a distance of one kilometer from the Chanasma railway station on the Mehsana – Harij road.

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