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    History – Called by the ancient name Chayapuri Chhani is situated near the ancient cities of Darbhavati, Vadapadh. It is said that there was a military camp at this place and hence the name Chhani, a transformation of Chhavani (Camp). A manuscript of the year 1821 of the Vikram era says that there were five Jain temples at this place. The other temples at Chhani are, the temples of Bhagawan Shantinatha, Bhagawan Mahavir Swami and of Bhagawan Kunthunatha. The name of Chayapur Parshwanatha is listed in the Parshwa Jina namavali composed in the year 1655 of the Vikram era. Chayapur Parshwanatha is also called as Vimala Parshwanath. Sri Sayajirao Gaekwar called the Chhani Village as ‘a mine of diksha’.

    Temple Name – Sri Parshwanatha Swamy Jain Temple.

    Main Deity – About 19 inches high and 11 inches wide, white-colored idol of Bhagawan Vimala Parshwanatha.

    Temple History – The temple is situated in the street of Shravakas in the suburb of Chhani of the Vadodara district.

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