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    History – This temple is believed to belong to the thirteenth century of the Vikrama era. This temple was renovated in 1878. It is said that after the arrival of Kalikalasarvajna this city became holy. It is said that when Acharyashri Hiravjayji said the Surimantra, the shasan devi appeared and gave him the blessing. Besides this we can also find a temple of Bhagawan Mahavir Swami in this town. Outside the town, there is Dadvadi where we can find the foot prints of Acharya Sri Vijayabhadrasurisvrji.

    How to Reach – The temple is in the old town of Deesa. The temple is at a distance of three kilometers from the town. The boarding and lodging facilities are available in the dharmashalas and bhojanashalas.

    Main Deity – About 18 inches high, white colored idol of Bhagawan Adinatha in the Padmasana posture.

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