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    History – The history of this city begins from the year 802 of the Vikram era. In the year 802 of the Vikram era, this city was named Anhilpur Patan. King Vanraj Chavda brought this idol here from Panchasara, the birth place of his ancestors and got the idol installed here under the presence of Shri Sheelagunsuriji. This idol, therefore, became famous as Panchasara Parshwanatha. Later during the period of King Kumarpal and other kings of the Choulukya Dynasty, many temples were built here. In the list of temples made by Shri Lalitprabhasursvarji in the year 1648 of the Vikram era, there were 101 big temples and 99 small temples. In these temples, there were thousands of idols and 38 of them were made using precious stones. From the year 802 of the Vikram era till today, thousands of temples were built in the city of Patan. Some of the temples were destroyed and then renovated. It was known as the golden city. Shri Hemchandracharya wrote many books at this place. Even today, Patan has a treasure of Jain literature, art and culture. Besides this main temple, there are 84 big temples and 134 small temples in the 55 streets of this city.

    Main Deity – Nearly 120 cms. high and white-colored idol of Bhagawan Panchasara Parshwanatha in the Padmasana posture.

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