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    History – Konnur is situated on the banks of the river Malaprabha. Here lies a Jain temple belonging to 860 A.D. This temple has been converted into a Parameshwara Shaiva temple. It was constructed by Bankesha of Kolanur and was the commander in chief of the Rashtrakuta king Amogavarsha-I (also called as Nrupatunga). He was the deciple of Bhagwad Sri Jinasenacharya who wrote Adipurana and Prashnothara Ratnamalika.

    The Scantun santorum of the temple is totally ruined. The structure of the foundation is star shaped in a circle. This reminds the hoysala style of temple archietecture. One can find the mutilated Jaina idols. A Jaina image in the padmasana posture and also an idol of Gabapathi are found scattered hapazordly in th temple. The centre hall of the temple is square shaped supported by the sturdy pillars. One can find the idol of a tirthankara in the lintle of the garbagriha. There is a bare pedestal in the scantun santorum. There are many empty wall cells seen.

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