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    History – Lakshmeshwara is famous for prolific culture and literature. It is a place with rich heritage in Karnataka hence it is called as ‘TIRULUGANNADA NADU’. It was also the place of the poet Pampa a well known Kannada poet. It was the capital of Puligere-300. It is one of the ancient Jain centres. Many jain temples have been mentioned in the inscriptions these include. Ananthanatha basadi, Shanka basadi, Tirtha basadi, Mukkala basadi, Jannojana basadi, Gangapermadi basadi, Dhavala jinalaya, Raya rachamalla basadi, Sri Vijaya basadi, Surahonne basadi, Marudevi basadi, Aane sajje basadi, Goggiya basadi, Pancha basadi, Malabashetty basadi, Gavinda basadi and Shanthinatha basadi. But there are only two temples remaining and the others have gone into oblivion.

    Many kings of different royal dynasties have patronised the place. Many Jain saints and writers have flourished here. They include Devachakra bhattaraka, Shankanacharya, Hemadevacharya, Padmasena, Tribhuvana chandra padmita and Rama devacharya.

    Shanka basabi also called as “Sahasrakuta Jinalaya” is situated bastibana area. This takes back the history of Lakeshmeshwara to 8th century. though the temple is in Chalukyan style it has undergone many modifactions and rennovations. There is a Manasthamba errected in front of the temple . There are ventilated walls in front of the temple. Where as yakshas and yakshis can be found in the other walls. there are many splendid carvings of dancers and musicians. Inside the temple one can find the rare monolithic piece of “Sahasra Jinabimbas” and the idols of Dharnendra and Padmavathi. Many mutilated Jain idols can be found on the wall of a well near by. Another Jain temple of the place is called Sri Ananthanatha Swamy basadi built in AD 1250.

    History – This place comes under the Shirahatti taluk and is at a distance of 60 Kms from Dharwad. It is at a distance of 12 Kms from Gudigeri the nearest railway station along the Poona- Bangalore railway line.

    Main Deity – About 4 feet high idol if Sahasrakuta Jain idol.

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