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    History – Karanja is an ancient jain center. Earlier there were 3 Bhattarak Institutions ( gaddi) known as ‘Sengan- Kastha sangh- Balatkatragan’. Three main temples of karanja are of these three maths. The first Jain temple belonging to Sengan is known as Sri Parshwanatha Digamabar Jain Sengan Mandir. The idol of Bhagwan Parshvanath is the main deity. Besides these 62 stone idols and 49 metal idols are found in this temple. The Samadhi of last Sengan Bhattarak Veersen is also here. A 500 years old painting showing the Panchakalayana is found in this temple. There is a manastambh in front of the temple and charans (footprints) of the Bhattarak are there. A rathyatra is taken out on the first day of the Krishna paksha of Chaitra month.

    The temple of Kastha Sangh is dedicated to Bhagwan Chandraprabha in Padmasana. There are 6 stone and 10 metal idols on the vedi. Besides these, 29 metal and 31 stone idols are found in the kside vedi. The valuable Jain idols are kept in a room to the right of the Chandraprabha idol and to the left of Bhagawan Chandraprabha the idol of Godess Padmavathi is installed. This Idol of Padmavathidevi is famous for its miracles. The yatra of Devi is taken out on the 15th day of bright moon of Chaitra month. The another special feature of this temple is a Mantap of 42 artistically decorated wood pillars.

    The temple of Balatakar Sangh is dedicated to Bhagawan Chandranatha. This temple is called as ‘Shri Mulsangh Chandranatha swami Balatakagan Digamabar Jain mandir’. Besides the idol of Chandranatha, there are 11 metal and 2 stone idols on the vedi. 27 stone and 27 metals idols are found in the back vedi. The idol of Bhagwan Mahavir Swami in Padmasana is also very attractive. Two brass Sahasrakuta temples are found one of these has 1008 idols and the other has 1728 idols. Here the charan-padukae of bhattarak Devenderkirti are preserved.

    The Mahavir Brahamacharayashram was established here by the inspiration of kshulakji Sri Parshwasagar. We can find a Mahavira temple and a museum at this ashram.

    How to Reach – Karanja is 32 Kms from Murtijapur on Murtijapur-Yeotmal route. It is 62 Kms from Amravati. The lodging facilities are available in Sri Mahavir Brahmacharyashram.

    Main Deity – Idols of Bhagwan Parshwanatha and Bhagwan Chandraprabha.

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