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    History – The 9 mts high idol of Bhagwan Adinatha is situated in the Lakshmisen math in Shukravarpeth. It is said that the last chapter of Shatkhadagam was written in the Neminath temple of Kolhapur.

    the other Jain temples at Kolhapur are -Jain Mandir of Shahipuri; Parshwanath Manastambh Digambar Jain Mandir, Neminath Jain Mandir. Apart from these, the temples of Mahalaxmi and Jyotiamaba, Palace and Rankala lake at Kolhapur are worth visiting.

    The Jain idols on the outer walls of the Mahalakshmi temple and the bhuvaneshwari/ceiling of the adjacent temple within the premises of the Mahalakshmi temple help us conclude there were originally Jain temples.

    Jain Math – A Jain Math with Sri Lakshmisena Bhattarakha Swamiji as the pontiff is found at Kolhapur.

    How to Reach – Kolhapur is an important city of Maharastra and is well connected to Mumbai and Pune by rail and road. It is 48 Kms from Miraj. The boarding and lodging facilities are available at the Dharmashala.

    Main Deity – 9 mts high idol of Bhagwan Adinatha.

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