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    History – The temple here is said to have been built by Seth Nathmal on the 10th day of bright moon of vaisakh in 1007 vikrama. the temple was known as chuleshwar (chul means peak) which came to be known as Chambleshwar. The temple is situated in the center of compound on the fat land on the hill. The idol of Bhagawan Parshwanatha and other tirthanakaras idol are found along the main vedi. The idol of choubisi is found on the right of the Main deity. A masjid and a canopy dedicated to Lord Shiva can also be found near the temple. Another temple is found along the foothills where in we can find a broken idol of Bhagawan parshwanatha. One has to climb about 256 steps and then one can take rest in a canopy. Here we can find water tank called as Tiwara Khan. After about two furlong flat way, one has to climb another set of 110 steps to reach the temple.

    How to Reach – Chambleshwar is 6 Kms from Paroli village and 45 Kms east of Bhilwara in one of the hills of the Aravali range.

    Main Deity – Nearly 2 feet high grey coloured idol of Bhagawan Parshwanatha in the padmasana posture made of sand stone.

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