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    History – This place was built by a person named Diwan Shah Kishandas Bagherwal of Sangod (Dist.Kota) in 1746 AD. Once  he had been to Khanpur to attend a fair there he had a dream about the idols lying in Padakhoh. He recovered the idols from Padakhoh. But the idols could not be lifted by any one. And Shah had a dream that it could be lifted by himself alone and that he should not turn back on lifting the idol. The people were amazed as to how he alone could lift the idol which earlier could not be lifted by even a group of people. But when the Shah was crossing the river, he looked backed  to see the idol was safe in the midst of river. The moment he saw back, the cart stopped moving and the temple was built in the midst of river after diverting the  stream of river. The construction of temple started in 1742 and was completed in 1746 AD. The idol was installed under the guidance of Bhattarakaha of Aamer Sri Jagatkirtiji in 1746 AD. The artistic and attractive idol of Bhagwan Adinatha is very miraculous.It is said that during night, one can hear the music and puja of the God.

    The idol of Bhagwan Rishbhdev (mulnayak) is 5 feet 3 inch high and one can see srivatsa sign on the chest of the idol. This idol is considered to be of vikram 512 period. The other idols in this temple include the idols of Bhagwan Suparshwanatha; Bhagwan Shambhavanatha; Bhagwan Parshwanath; Bhagwan Bahubali, Yakshi Ambika and many tirthankara idols. A pillar with 52 images of tirthanakara on each side (total 208 images) called Bawan Jinalaya (52 Jains) is found at this temple. A festival is organized every year on the 5th day to 9th day of dark moon in the month of chitra.

    How to Reach – Sri Digamabar Jain Athishaya Kshetra Chandkhedi is situated on the banks of river Rupli, 3 furlong from the town of Khanpur in Jhalawad district. The khanpur town is along the  Jhalawad- Bara road and Bus service from Jhalawad is available to this place. Chandkhedi  is situated at a distance of 35 Kms from Atru Station.

    Main Deity – Nearly 3 feet 8 inches high pink coloured idol of Bhagwan Adinatha in padmasana.

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