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    History – Jhalarpatan lierally means the town of layers of bells. The ancient temple of Bhagwan Shantinatha was built in 1109 AD by a person named Shah Papa Humad and the idol was installed under the guiadence of  Bhavdev Suri Ji maharaj. The old temple was dismantled and the present temple was constructed at the same site and the idol of Bhagawan Shanthinatha was reinstalled. The two stone elephants found at the gate of the temple are very huge and attractive. The numerous ancient idols and the inscriptions on those idol give a proof of the historicity and the antiquity of the place.  These idols were mainly installed by munisangh of Balatargana of Idar. Jhalarpatan is also famous for the ancient temple of Lord Shiva namely Sheeteshwar mahadev.

    How to Reach – Jhalarpatan is situated along the Delhi Mumbai rail route and is 32 Kms from The Jhalawad road station. This tirth is also connected by road from Koota, Ajmer, Jaipur , Indore.

    Main Deity – Nearly 12 feet high idol of Bhagwan Shantinatha in kayotsarga.


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