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    History – Kesariyaji situated at a distance of sixty five kilometers from Udaipur, it is one of the most popular Jain centres in Rajasthan. This is one of the important Jain centres in Mewar region. Along with the Jains a great number Hindus specially the Bhils, visit this temple. It is said that the Bhils, according to a dream, discovered a black stone-image of Rishabha hidden in a tree. Eventually it came to be installed and consequently worshipped in this temple. The dark-skinned Bhils continue to see in the black colored statue an idol that has always belonged to them, whereas the Jains date the image back to the time of Rama and Sita. For some time it was installed in a temple at Ujjain.

    There are many stories regarding the antiquity and history of this splendid, miraculous and extraordinary idol. This idol was in Lanka. It was very much worshipped in the times Bhagawan Munisuvrat Swami. Ramchandraji took it to Ayodhya. Then it was in Ujjain. In course of time, it appeared under a banyan tree outside Vatpradnagar. It was worshipped for some years. Again it appeared under a tree at distance of one kilometer from the village.  A fair is held here every year on the eighth day of the dark half of the month of Falguna. Bhils, call this idol by the name ‘Kalababa’. Non – Jain devotees believe that on visiting this place they can be relieved of all their problem. Since centuries, there is a custom of giving saffron to God as a gift. Sometimes so much saffron is plastered on God, that God looks saffron – colored. People, therefore, call God Kesariyanath. In the compound of this temple there is an idol of Marudevamata on elephant. There is also a temple of Bhagawan Jagvallabh Parshvanath. The Charan are found in the ancient small temple under a tree outside the village. It is said that the idol of God appeared here. The fifty-two pinnacles of the temple are seen from a long distance. The temple is very artistic. Its pinnacles, arches, doors, walls are very artistic, beautiful and fascinating. The face of God is so delightful that the mind delights merely on seeing it.

    How to Reach – Risabhdev Road, the nearest railway station to Kesariyaji is at distance of 11 kilometers and the city of Udaipur is at a distance of 66 kilometers from this temple. Boarding and lodging facilities are available at this place.

    Main Deity – About 42 inches high, black colored idol of Bhagawan Adinath in the Padmasana posture.

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