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    History – About half a kilometre from the Siva temple is a boulder containing an image of a Tirthankara shown seated in the dhyana posture. It is a medium-sized relief, aid to be of Adinatha, and exhibits ninth century stylistic features. The image together with the nearby cavern habitat was Once known as Perunarkilicolaperumapani. An inscription engraved by the side of the image, datable to the reign of Sundara Palya I, records pallichhandam to the deity (Alvar) of Perunarkilicolaperumapaili for various offerings by the nattavar of Tenkavinadu. It has become evident that Sadaiyamlalai came to be a Jain centre probably during the ninth century, and continued to be so until the thirteenth century. The history of the centre after this period is somewhat obscure.

    How to Reach – Sadaiyarparai is situated in the Pdukkottai region of Tamil Nadu.

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