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    History – It had a Jain temple built by the side of the local water tank called Palliyurani. The structure became neglected over time and many of the stone blocks from this ruined edifice has been used in the construction of the Chokkanachchiyar shrine at Puttambur. As well, three of the lion-based pillars from the same Jain temple now adorn the Siva temple at Tennangudi. At present, Jain relics of a Tirthankara, a yakshi, and a few lion based pillars are found near the Palliyurai tank. The Tirthankara, shown seated in padmasana, is a small figure while Ambika yaksi, also shown seated on a pedestal, is larger. The base of the Yakshi image contains a tenth century inscription. It records that the yakshi sculpture was commissioned by Jayankonda Cola Muvendavelan of Kulamangalanadu. He is said to be an official of Rajaraja Cola I.

    How to Reach – Semapattur is a village two kilometres away from Puttambur.

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