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Origin of the Name

    Called by the names Gajapur (‘Paumchariyu’ by Vilamsuri), Nagpur (‘Paumchariyu’ by Vilamsuri), Kunjarpur, Shantinagar, Brahmasthal and Asandivat in the history, Hastinapur has a history that dates back to the time of Bhagawan Adinatha. Lord Adinatha had established 52 Mahajanapadas, Kurujangal Pradesh was one of them, with its capital as Gajapur. This might have been named so because of the existence of a huge number of elephants in the forests adjoining this place and hence the name Gajapur (Gaja means Elephant). Another interpretation states that this region was ruled by a king ‘Hastin’ of ‘Kuru Vansha’ and hence the name ‘Hastinapur’.

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