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Hastinapur is a small town situated in the Meerut district of Western Uttar Pradesh. It occupies a unique place in the history of Jainism, Hinduism and India.
As far as Jainism is concerned, its history dates back to the period of Lord Adinath and continues with the Panchakalyanas and Samavasaranas of Tirthankaras, Jain stories and so on. As though to justify this It has a series of Jain temples within itself and is popularly called the “Tirth Shehar”. with the Hindus, it is associated with the popular epic Mahabharata, many remains and traces stand as a proof to this. Hence this place occupies a unique place in the history of India.
The ensuing pages in this section will try and unveil these facts related to this historic and holy place.

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