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Anand Rishiji

    Stamp in honour of Anand Rishiji Maharaj.

    This stamp has been issued in honour of  renowned Swetamber Jain Muni Acharya Anand Rishiji Maharaj on 9th august 2002.  Acharya Anand Rishiji Maharaj was one such soul, whose contributions in the  social and educational spheres have been a prolific and significant as his  spiritual guidance to his followers. He was born at Ahmadnagar (Maharastra) in  August 1900 and received  initiation from Ratan Rishiji Maharaj at the age of 13, thereby formally  committing himself to a life of spiritual pursuits and service to humanity.  He Mastered the Jain Scriptures as well as ancient philosophical texts of  Sanskrit language. His teachings were deep rooted in love, non-violence and  tolerance. He was proficient in nine languages and wrote extensively in  Marathi and Hindi. He had founded numerous educational and religious  institutions and also rejuvenated many ailing institutions and founded  magazines. He was bestowed with the title of “Acharya” in the year 1965 and  died in the year 1992.

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