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Minority status accorded, but Jains yet to get benefits

    Minority status accorded, but Jains yet to get benefits

    April 19, 2015, Bangalore (Karnataka): More than a year ago after the union government accorded minority status to the Jain community, the Karnataka government is yet to include the community on the minority list and issue minority certificates.

    The delay has denied the community of all benefits, especially in the education sector, that come with the status. MLC Basavaraj Horatti raised the issue during the recent legislature session and demanded the government include the Jain community in the list at the earliest. Members of the community too have been pushing the government to act on the issue.

    Revenue minister Srinivasa Prasad said the community had been added to the software in all taluk offices as per the orders of the social welfare department way back in 2002.

    “If the minority welfare department includes the community in its list, then we will also include them in the database and issue them with minority certificates,” Prasad said.

    Nitin HP, executive director of, a website devoted to the conservation of Jain culture and tradition said Karnataka was the first state to provide reservation for Jains.

    “But after the union government granted minority status, it is yet to include the community in the minority list. Tamil Nadu has turned out to be the first to issue the notification after the Centre accorded Jains minority status,” he said.

    What they will get

    • With the national minority status Jain students whose family’s annual income is less than Rs 4.5 lakh are eligible for scholarships
    • Jain population is found mainly in Belagavi, Mysuru, Hassan, Bijapur, Bagalkot and Gulbarga districts
    • Most of them are agriculture labourers or marginal land holders
    • Educational institutions managed by Jains will be recognised as minority institutions where up to 50 percent of seats are reserved for community members 

    Published in Bangalore Mirror (BM) on April 20, 2015 page 5 Bangalore edition.

    Hopefully this news should be an eye opener to the Government of Karnartaka of the challenges faced by the Jains of Karnataka in getting the benefits of Minority status. Nitin H.P. executive director of (JHC) provided inputs to BM while the news was being prepared.

    Hopefully this report should bew an eyeopener to the Government of Karnataka and help Jains get their rights.

    Thanks to Bangalore Mirror (BM) for publishing this news. Thanks to the management & editor of BM. Special thanks to Nirajan Kaggere of BM.

    – JHCNS

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