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A Peep Into Jains Treasure Trove

    Ludhiana (Punjab), November 21, 2011: Meet Dr Rampal Jain, 62, resident of Malerkotla House, who is an avid coin collector and possesses a vast collection of rare currency notes, coins, postal stamps and post cards.

    Jain’s passion for collecting postal stamps started way back in 1962. He also became a regular member of a philately club to stay in touch with his passion and acquire more knowledge. “It was only in 1982 that I got interested in collecting rare currency notes and coins. Among my oldest collection include rare notes of pre-independence era issued by the Britishers,” he said.

    Talking about his collection, Jain said, “I believe that everybody should have a hobby – something they feel passionately about. Doing so would give you real joy as it has given me.”

    Jain, a doctor by profession, has in his kitty a vast collection of currency notes belonging to Japan, Bhutan, Nepal, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, England, United States of America, New Zealand, China and Kuwait. “The very first Rs 1 note was issued in 1949 and I have it!,” he adds. Fondly turning the leafs of his coins collection book, he said, “My collection includes six very rare coins belonging to the era of Lord Rama from 1299, made of copper. These are extremely difficult to find now.” Interestingly, his coin collection also includes coins of 1 paise, 2 paise, 3 paise, 5 paise which were issued during the time between pre-independence and post-independence. “I never tried to evaluate the value of my collection because it’s priceless to me. I want to keep adding more and more.”
    Jain proudly declares that now he is busy completing a series of currency notes with series 000001 to 1000000.

    Jain, who claims that his collection is the result of a lot of hard work and little luck, adds, “I have several commemorative coins of Indira Gandhi, Jawahar Lal Nehru, Chattarpati Shivaji, 75 years of Dandi March, among several other occasions.” – News Courtesy: Times News Network

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