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Hombuja Mutt Gets New Pontiff

    Shimoga (Karnataka),November 17, 2011: Religious fervour and devotion marked the installing of Dharma Keerthi as the new pontiff of the ancient Hombuja mutt in the presence of large number of devotees and pontiffs of jain institutions across the country. The crowning of the new pontiff of the Hombuja mutt at the famous Hombuja mutt near Hosanagar came as a culmination of week-long prayers performed for anointing the new head of the mutt at this jain pilgrim centre. Priests and heads of various Jain Mutts under the guidance of ‘Dharmadhikari’ of Dharamsthala, Veeerendra Heggade, conducted the programme. Hombuja is an ancient Jain pilgrimage centre which has a historical and archaeological significance dating to first century AD. Large numbers of devotees from all parts of the country visit the place every year. – News Courtesy: Press Trust of India

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