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Jain Tirthankar and Yakshi idols found at Varuna near Mysuru

    Mysuru (Karnataka, India), 24th December 2023: Jain Tirthankar and Yakshi idols have been found at Varuna, a small hamlet located at a distance of 12 Kms from Mysuru.
    These idols were discovered while digging the ground for undertaking the drainage works.
    Varuna is an ancient Jain Heritage Centre with its Jain history dating back to the 8th century A.D. A few idols and Jain inscriptions found here earlier kept in the premises of Bhuteshwara temple have helped us prove its antiquity.
    Members of the state archaeology department and department of ancient history, university of Mysuru visited the spot. Members of the Jain community, viz –
    Sri N.Prasanna Kumar, Smt Nagarthna Prasanna Kumar, Sri Vijaykumar and Sri N. Shreyas also visited the spot.
    Archaeology experts will be visiting the site on 27th December 2023 to take up further studies about the idols that were discovered.

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    Jain Heritage Centres News Service, News & images courtesy: Sri N.Prasanna Kumar, Mysuru

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