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Jains gear up for eight days of fasting & praying

    Mumbai (Maharashtra), August 25, 2011: Sitting on the cold stone floor of the Matunga Jain upashrya, Aditya Muni, a monk, sifts through Jain scriptures and intermittently scribbles his thoughts. He is readying himself for the most significant dates of the Jain calendar, Paryushan, that time of the year when Jain disciples throng temples.

    Paryusha, which derives its meaning from par (all kinds) and ushan (to burn) all karmas, will be celebrated from Thursday by observe renunciation, austerities, donation, meditation and scripture reading.

    Even as Anna Hazare’s fast grabs eyeballs, scores of Jains across the country will continue their 30-day fast (devoid of any food), maaskhaman. – News Courtesy: Times News Network

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