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Kumar Vishwas Mocks Digambar Jain Saints

    New Delhi: A recent remark by Aam Aadmi Party Leader Kumar Vishwas against Jain saints has provoked widespread anger amongst Jain community. While several Jain organizations and individuals are planning on filing the case against him across all states, this news has already started making rounds all over the social media in Jain religion specific groups.

    While Dr Kumar Vishwas makes a lot of money through invitations from the Jain community for their events, his mocking the Jain saints is highly objectionable, and we urge all the Jain committees all across India to boycott the Aam Aadmi Party leader Dr. Kumar Vishwas from all their functions in the near future, and if apology doesn’t come from the powerful Aam Aadmi Party, then all Jains should boycott this secular party that makes fun of all religions.

    Visit this link to download the video –

    Here is the English translation of the “joke” cracked by Dr. Kumar Vishwas:

    “A Digambar community’s saint came to Meerut. He gave a sermon, “Do non-violent farming”. A Jat was sitting in the audience listening to the sermon. He couldn’t understand what the “non-violent farming” meant. So he asked the saint, “Swamiji, what is non-violent farming?”. Swamiji said, “Don’t use urea, it kills the insects”. This poor man gets influenced. He had 20 beegha farmland. He didn’t use urea. The whole crop got damaged, and he was just left with his underwear. One year later he found the saint again. So he asked the saint, “Maharaj Ji, did you have 40 beegha farmland?” (mocking the nakedness of Digambar Jain saints).

    Recently, Dr. Kumar Vishwas has also angered the Muslim community over his remarks on Muharram procession, and cases have been filed against him by the Muslim community. But since now he is a politician with a powerful backing of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, he might be acquitted in all such cases. The best that any community can do to him is to boycott him from such events in their temples and mosques, and to boycott him politically. – News Courtesy:

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