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Sudhir Lodha Felicitated by Tamil Jain Community

    Thirunarunkundram (Villupuram District, Tamil Nadu), February 2, 2014: Sri Jinakanchi-Mel Sittamur Digamber Jain   Sri Mutt & the entire “Tamil Jain Community” from all over the world whole heartedly thanked, appreciated & blessed for Sudhirji’s focused and coordinated effort for the last one year in obtaining the Minority Status at the National level for us –the Jains-the ultra microscopic community. Thanks to Govt. of India, Jains are declared as minority and the same has been gazetted by Government of India. This was organised at Sri Appandai Nathar Cave Jinalayam, Thirunarunkundram, Villupuram District, Tamil Nadu.

    Below is given an exclusive report of proceedings of the function:

    • •    At 2.30 PM Function started with Namokar Mantra Prayer.
    • •    Shri.Sudhir Lodha & Smt.Sonali Lodha were introduced to their Tamil  jain brothers and sisters, elders, youngsters who  travelled all along  from villages, towns and cities hundreds of kilo meters far away from this Holy Hill  , with a special message of greetings, and thanks for Sri.Lodha . The introduction was very aptly made by Sri.P.Rajendra Prasad,Secretary-Saidapet Jinalayam,detailing brother  Lodha’s many achievements which include blood donor for 36 times, that continues till date  !!! in a short span of…. years, committed Organ Donor to Medical society, Youngest Speaker to represent India in Global Meets like the one held  at House of Commons – London, Global Economic Leadership Summit –  Taiwan, Parliament of World Religions -Chicago, and many other National & International level Summits.
    • •    Sri Abhinava LakshmiSena Bataraka BatacharyaVarya Maha swamigal garlanded Shri.Sudhir Lodha & Srimathi- Jayachandran  wife of the Trustee of the temple garlanded Smt.Sonali lodha and both of them were honored by various other Trusts ,Associations, Committees by way of  garlanding and presenting  mementos.
    • •    Prof.Dr.Lakshmi Dattai, Puducherry spoke about the importance of obtaining Minority status for jains and its relevance to Tamil Jains in particular and appreciated Shri.Sudhirji for his focused efforts.
    • •    Prof.Dr. Kanaka…Ajithadoss, Secretary, Jain Youth Forum Chennai appreciated and thanked warmly Shri.Sudhirji for his tireless missionary  efforts  in mobilizing support of all Jain Samaj and  for updating the information  on the progress his holy mission , continuous follow up with the Govt, which resulted in success of the mission and requested him to  continue his good work to transmit  the real benefits  of minority status to change the lives of downtrodden in the community, which will be remembered for the Generations.
    • •    Shri.A.Sridaran, Puducherry, a  person  dedicated for the welfare of jain community and fully involved in protecting the jaina heritage treasures of Northern Tamilnadu, spoke in praise of Shri.Sudhirji’s pleasing personality loaded with humility, for applying using the modern communication and IT tools in achieving the goal.
    • •    Sri Lakshmisena Bhatarak ji in his blessing address mentioned particularly about Shri.Sudhirlodha’s humility and humbleness in handling people with soft words, easy approachability which are the main reasons in mobilizing people and achieve his goal and Swamiji  offered His blessings and  support all his efforts in translating  the GO into reality and in guiding the community to enjoy the benefits. He blessed Sri Lodha’s entire family.

    Shri. Sudhir Kumar Lodha’s Address:

    • o   Thanked Honorable Chief Minister of Tamilnadu – Amma for appointing him as youngest ever member of state Minority Commission.
    • o   Thanked Shri. Daman Prakashji Rathor (Former Member – SMC) for his valuable guidance and support continuously.
    • o   Thanked his Grand Parents, Parents, Wife & Family for their support.
    • o    Even though it was not felt as essential by other sect of Jains worked hard to get the status declared keeping in mind the 40000+ Tamil Jains.. Assured to continue his efforts in getting the benefits to every needy Jain.

    He has explained the benefits of the status as below and requested all to wait for some time to enable the GO reaches at the Tahsildar level and his directions. He  requested the people  to obtain the Minority Certificate which is essential for availing the benefits.
    Some of the benefits are

    • o   Manage all Religious places independently without the interference from the Govt..
    • o   Manage Educational Institutions independently with special reservation for the Community.
    • o   Scholarship for student for higher education.
    • o   Cheaper interest loan for students and entrepreneurs. Etc. etc.,

    He insisted the need of coming together as a united force keeping away the differences in rituals, language, nativity etc.

    • Ø  Smt. Sonali Lodha thanked the crowd for their love and affection towards him.
    • Ø  Shri. Tamilmaran, Thachur thanked the participants.

    Sri Lakshmisena Bhatarakji’s Declaration:
    Sri Lakshmisena Bhatarak ji declared the following Resolution as the outcome of this conference.

    1. Entire Tamil Jain Community thank the Honble Chief Minister of Tamilnadu – Amma, a Visionary Leader, in appointing Shri. Sudhir Kumar Lodha, as amember of SMC representing the jains of Tamilnadu.
    2. Shri. Sudhir Kumar Lodha had contributed his energy, time and effort which resulted in giving Jains Minority Status at National Level by Govt. of India, which not only benefited the Tamil Jains and also the Jains Nationwide.
    3. Requesting the Honble Chief Minister of Tamilnadu – Amma, a Visionary Leader, to declare atleast 2% reservation in Higher Education and Government jobs for Tamil Jains since Majority of them come under economically weaker section of the Tamil society.

    – News & Photos Courtesy: P.Rajendra Prasad, Secretary, Saidapet Jinalayam, Chennai

    Please find below more photos of the function

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