Bottom Panel of the attractive Sallekhana Memorial of a Jain Queen at Hombuja.

Hombuja’s Attractive Sallekhana Memorial of a Jain Queen

– Article , Photos, Design & Concept: Nitin H P, Bengaluru (HPN@JHC) people visiting the ancient Jain Heritage Centre Hombuja/Humcha (Hosanagara Taluk, Shivamogga District, Karnataka), the land of Santharas wouldn’t have visited Bogara basadi and people who have visited Bogara basadi might not have noticed the ancient “Sallekhana Memorial inscription – Nishadi” found in front […]

ASI’s Disregard towards Preserving Hombuja’s Panchakuta Basadi

Hombuja (Shivamogga District), 20th July 2019: Heartland of Jainism, land of Santharas, holy abode of Goddess Padmavati, Hombuja is one such Jain heritage sites that is sought after by historians, researchers, travelers and Jain devotees. The ancient Panchakuta Basadi or the Pancha Basadi one of the main temple’s at hombuja being maintained by the Archaeological […]

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