12th Century’s Ardha Sahasrakuta Jain idol found at Belagavi

An Ardha Sahasrakuta Jain idol along with inscription belonging to 12th century has been found at Belagavi/Belagaum on 12th February 2020. It was found while digging the compound walls of North West Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (NWKRTC) depot No. 2. The idol has now been shifted to the premises of Kamala Basadi with in […]


History – We can find only two Jain temples here, viz. Sahasrakuta Jinalaya and the Vasupyjya Swamy Swethambar temple. Arasikere is said to have been a chief Jaina centre and is said to have had many Jain temples during the period of Hoysala’s. Sahasrakuta Jinalaya – The Sahasrakuta Jinalaya situated in the Huliyara street is […]


History – Lakshmeshwara is famous for prolific culture and literature. It is a place with rich heritage in Karnataka hence it is called as ‘TIRULUGANNADA NADU’. It was also the place of the poet Pampa a well known Kannada poet. It was the capital of Puligere-300. It is one of the ancient Jain centres. Many […]

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