Bangalore / Bengaluru

History – Bangalore is the capital of Karnataka and was the capital of princley Mysore from 1831. A popular story is narated on the origin of the present name. hoysala Viraballala had to satiate his hunger with boiled green beans, served by an old poor woman during a hunting expedition to this place. After the food […]


History – Stone inscriptions tell us that Sivera was called by the name Siperak. According to the inscription carved in the temple, the idol was installed on the eighth day of the bright half of the month of Vaishakh in the year 1109 of the Vikram era.  This helps us to conclude that the history of […]


History – The ancient Digamabar Jain temple dedicated to Bhagwan Shantinatha is known as Bada mandir. An inscription belonging to 1103 A D can be found on one of the pillars. The sanctum santorum is situated about 11 feet below the ground level. The art and architecture of this temple are very attractive. 24 images […]


History – Jhalarpatan lierally means the town of layers of bells. The ancient temple of Bhagwan Shantinatha was built in 1109 AD by a person named Shah Papa Humad and the idol was installed under the guiadence of  Bhavdev Suri Ji maharaj. The old temple was dismantled and the present temple was constructed at the same […]


History – The idol of Bhagawan Shanthinatha was installed in the year 1902 of the vikrama era. There is a story associated with the installation of this idol. It runs as follows, during its installation in the 1990 that it was found difficult to take the idol inside the temple due to the narrow entrance. But […]


History – It is said that the idol of Bhagawan Shanthinatha was installed in the Vikrama 1254 under the guidance of Sri Padmasena Maharaj. Many Jain idols of different sizes belonging to the 12 C AD were found at Baghera. These idols have been installed in  the Sri Shantinath temple and also at Bhagwan Adinatha […]

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