Protest at Udaipur against Girnar incident

Udaipur (Rajasthan), January 2, 2013: Jains of Udaipur district from which Muni Sri Prabhalsagarji Maharaj hails from have condemned the attack on him at Girnar. A group of people have been sent to Girnar in 3 busses from Udaipur. All Jain Munis at Udaipur were is a state of shock and in a painful mood. […]

Marble Idol of Jain Tirthankaras in Kayotsarga 15th-16th century.


History – Udaipur is named after Udai Singh who founded the present city in 1572.Chittorgarh had fallen to the Mughals The ‘glass’ temple, as the Shitalanatha Mandir is usually called, is very attractive, we can find a library and two big rooms for Jaina ascetics here. This temple is situated near the clock tower at […]

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