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Dharmasthala facility funds will be released

    Dharmasthala Bahubali Mahamastakabhisheka - Drone Shot

    Dharmasthala (Dakshina District, Karnataka), February 18, 2019: Funds required for providing basic facilities at Dharmasthala will be released soon, Tourism Minister Sa Ra Mahesh said on Sunday.

    Speaking after taking part in Mahamastakabhisheka ceremony here, he said, “Dharmasthala has given ‘Annadana,’ ‘Abhayadana,’ ‘Vidyadana’ and ‘Aushadhidana’ to the society.

    Members of many religions converge at Dharmasthala, he said and added, “I am happy after having darshana of Bhagwan Bahubali.” Dharmasthala Dharmadhikari D Veerendra Heggade said, “Bahubali is the symbol of patience, austerity, non-violence, sacrifice and self-discipline. Darshan and worship of Bahubali help overcome challenges in life.”

    He said the government had released grants for the construction of a road to Bahubali Hill, four-laning of the road from Nethravathi Snanaghatta to Dharmasthala and installing high-mast lamps. The minister was felicitated on the occasion.

    Anointment with water, tender coconuts, followed by sugarcane juice, ‘Kalkachoorna,’ turmeric paste, ‘Kashaya,’ ‘Chathushkona,’ Sandal paste and ‘Ashtagandha’ were performed and devotees were soaked in the devotional fervour on the occasion.

    Dharmasthala Dharmadhikari D Veerendra Heggade and family members offered ‘1,008 Kalasha Mahamastakabhisheka’ to Bahubali on the occasion. Dharmaraj Jain and family offered ‘Abhisheka’ with tender coconut, Chandrakala V Dandavathi of Bengaluru and Bahubali Dandavathi offered ‘Abhisheka’ with “Ikshurasa.” Suresh Babu from Tumakuru and Prasanayya from Bengaluru performed ‘Abhisheka’ with milk while Yashoda and children of Betkeri in Moodbidri performed ‘Abhisheka’ with rice flour.

    M N Rajendra Kumar and family members offered ‘Abhisheka’ with turmeric paste. Former minister Abhayachandra Jain and family offered ‘Abhisheka’ with ‘Kashaya.’ Brahmakumar Bilagi, Mahendra Kumar, Shanta Ballal of Padubidri and Mahaveera Prasad of Mani performed ‘Abhisheka’ with ‘Chathushkona’. Chowtara Aramane Kuladeep and family performed ‘Ashtabandha Abhisheka.’ Prof Uday Kumar Malla and family members offered ‘Pushpavrishti’ while Vikas Jain offered Shanthidhara Seve’ on the occasion.

    The DKMUL offered 5,000 litres of buttermilk free of charge to the devotees on the occasion. – News Courtesy: Deccan Herald, Naina J A

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