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Tribhuvan Yuvajanotsava-2012 at Moodabidri

    Moodabidri (Mangalore District, Karnataka), November 14, 2011: Tribhuvana Yuvajaontsava-2012 featuring different cultural competitions will be organised at Jain Kashi Moodabidri on January 1, 2012. The event conducted for youths of Karnataka has been organised by Tribhuvan Yuva Jain Milan, Moodabidri will be held in the premises of Sri Dhavala College, Moodabidri. The details of the event are as below:

    Cookery Contest (Individual Event)

    1. Time limit – 60 mins.
    2. Preference will be given to taste, cleanliness and attractive presentation (participants can use only vegetable and green leaves).
    3. Should be prepared with out fire.
    4. Participants can make the primary preparations like soaking the cereals, etc at home.
    5. Event coordinators – Yuva Veer Subhash, Aliyuru – 9980881713; Yuva Veer Dheerandra Ballal – 9972168527.

    Dance Competition (Individual dance)-

    1. For age groups 5-12 years and above 12 years.

    Dance Competition (Group dance)-

    1. A team can comprise of a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 8 participants.

    Coordinator for dance events – Yuva Veer Akshay K Jain – 9480006494.

    Mehendi Competition (Individual event)-

    1. Time Limit – 60 mins.
    2. The competitors will have get their partners along with themselves.
    3. Use of any artificial colors other than Mehendi is prohibited.
    4. Event coordinator – Savitha Ashwath – 9632005333.

    Jain Devotional Songs Competition

    1. This event is open to individuals across all age groups.
    2. Event Coordinator – Sri Prakash Jain – 9449620365.

    Kinni Madmal

    1. Only for kids below 10 years.
    2. Preference will be given to traditional decoration.
    3. Event coordinator – Sri Naveen Hegde – 9480009933.

    For Further details, please contact – Yuvaveer Praveen M Ballal – 9880429433, Yuva Veer Pradeep Jain – 9741454040.

    – Jain Heritage Centres News Service

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