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New Jain Temple in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia

    Kaula Lampur (Malaysia), November 2011: A new Jain temple has been built in the city of Kuala Lampur to cater to approximately 5,000 Jains in the community.

    A consecration ceremony was held to celebrate the opening of the latest Jain temple in the country.

    The temple was built using 4,000 kg of marble which was imported from India.

    Dr. S. Subramaniam, the Human Resources Minister, was present at the ceremony and said that he was very happy to see a new temple built for a small Jain community that is very significant in making up the cultural society of Malyasia. He further stated that Jainism is a belief system he looks up to because it is not only a religion for certain people but is a way of life that humanity can relate to and learn from.

    The president of the Gujarati Association, Datuk Bhupal Rai M. Premji, stated that in the ever changing and fast growing society of today, it is very important to uphold one’s own traditional beliefs and culture. According to him, the new temple will play a large part in helping to uphold the rich social and cultural values of the roots of the Jain community.

    Jains take pride in abstaining from greed, anger, and other temptations by aiming to live a lifestyle free from material goods. Taking their focus away from the material world, they focus on living a peaceful life, centered around discipline and self growth.

    The ceremony is going on for three days and will continue with a chariot procession at Bangsar Park. – News Courtesy: Chakra News

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