Wade Tradition, Kavi Pampa and Jain Connections

Wade Tradition, Kavi Pampa and Jain Connections

Wades were the erstwhile epicenters for administration in North Karnataka and parts of Maharshtra that evolved during the rule of Bijapur Adilshahis and continuted till the end of British rule. This article will explore the concept of Wade, the North Karnataka’s oldest Jain Wade, its association with the well known Kannada poet Adikavi Pampa and […]

Jains Siddhachakra Brass Kannada Inscription Discovered

Jain’s Siddhachakra Brass Inscription with Kannada Letters Discovered

Annigeri (Navalagund Taluk, Dharwad District), December 8, 2013: A Jain inscription with a Siddhachakra made of brass containing Kannada letters has been discovered at Shanthinath (earlier Parshwanath Basadi) Basadi Annigeri in Navalagund taluk of Dharwad district in Karnataka by Ravikumar K. Navalagunda. Ravikumar is a lecturer in Kannada at the government pre-university college in Bannikodu, […]

Karnataka CM Inaugurates ‘Pampa Memorial’

Annigeri (Dharwad District, Karnataka), September 24, 2012: “It was a dream come true”, for the people of Annigeri. Annigeri is the birth place of Pampa the renowned Jaina poet of 10th Century. Though he had liked Banvasi very much he was born here at his mother’s home town and it was a long awaited dream […]

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