Amid protest by Jain community,Govt calls off livestock export

Nagpur, 30th June 2018: Following protests from a section of Jain community, in a sudden development on Friday evening, the central government cancelled the export of goat and sheep from city airport due to begin on Saturday. Official sources said project has been indefinitely deferred. Dr Vikas Mahatme, leader of Dhangar community of livestock herders […]

Jain devotees gather in thousands for ‘deeksha’

Nagpur (Maharashtra), April 27, 2017: A grand ‘shobha yatra’ was organized by Jain Shravak Sangh from Dhanson’s Lawn, Wardhaman Nagar, as part of three-day programme to mark the ‘deeksha’ ceremony of Devam Kochar (35) from Bengaluru. Thousands of Jain devotees from across the country have gathered in the city for the occasion. On the first […]

Jain bodies cry foul over Raj HC’s Santhara ruling

Nagpur (Maharashtra), Aug 14, 2015: Digambar Jain muni Prasanna Sagarji Maharaj, one of the most revered in the community, on Friday termed the Rajasthan High Court’s outlawing the Jain practice of Santhara or Sallekhana (fast unto death) as unfortunate. Prasanna Sagarji, who is in the city for his four-month-long Chaturmaas, told reporters, “It has hurt […]

Jains start fasts, prayers as Paryushana begins

Nagpur (Maharashtra), August 14, 2012: For the extremely religious Jain community, the next eight days are significant for fasting, praying and asking for forgiveness. Paryushana, which means self cleansing by removing all negativity like raag, dwesh, moh and maya, begins on the Bhadrapada Shuklapaksh Chaturthi. It is sacred as it marks the beginning of the […]

Jains celebrate with procession, prayers & Prasad

Nagpur (Maharashtra), April 5, 2012: It’s a fine congregation of faith, prosperity and community bonding at Chitnavis Park every year on the occasion of Mahavir Jayanti. City’s Jain community gathers to meet, pray and eat. A rough estimate puts the number of people who gather here at 10,000. The food spread comprises of at least […]