Tirthankar Parshwanath idol, Somnathpur, Karnataka, India.


Somnathpur / Somanathapura (ಸೋಮನಾಥಪುರ) is a town located 35 km from Mysore, Karnataka State, India. Somanathapura is famous for the Keshava templeby Somanatha, a Dandanayaka (commander) in 1268 CE under Hoysala Empire King Narasimha III, when the Hoysalas were the major power in South India. Parshwanath Idol at Somnathpur – In the premises of this […]

Navagraha Tirth Varur

Navagraha Tirth Varur

History : Navagraha Teertha is a Jain pilgrim centre located at a distance of 18 Kms from Hubli along the Bengaluru-Pune national highway besides Varur Village. The temple features a 61 feet (18.6 m) tall monolithic idol of the Shri 1008 Bhagavan Parshvanatha and the smaller statues of the other 8 Jain teerthankaras. The statue […]

Sri Sahasraphani Parshwanath Swamy Digambar Jain Basadi, Shanthigiri, Horanadu.


Heritage Centre Type : Tirtha Kshetra Temple Name : Sahasraphani 1008 Sri Parshwanath Swamy Digambar Jain Temple Temple Type : Digambar Temple Main Deity : Lord Parshwanath Trithankar Temple History : This temple was built in the year 2003. The idol of Sahasraphani 1008 Sri Parshwanath Tirthankar was installed on 8th May 2003 under the guidance of […]


Gommatagiri in an anceint Jain Heritage Centre near Mysore famous for its monolithic statue of 16 feet high Sri Gommateshwara situated at the top of a hill called Shravana Gudda.The standing snakes with their hoods om either side of the statue are very attractive and unique of the Gommata sculptors seen in India.Though we cannot […]


History – One of the most ancient Jaina centres of Kodagu, Mulluru is in Somwarpet taluk.  This place seems to have been the capital of the Kongalvas, who were the subordinates of the Cholas.  There are three basadis of Parswanatha, Shanthinatha and Chandranatha.  The Parswanatha basadi was built by Poccahha, the queen of King Kongalva […]

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Links to 12 galleries featuring 472 images. Photos by Nitin H.P. At Shravanabelagola Chandragiri Photo Gallery Indragiri Photo Gallery Shravalabelagola Town Photo Gallery Around Shravanabelagola Padmavathi Cave Photo Gallery Bastihalli Photo Gallery Bekka Photo Gallery Jinanathapura Photo Gallery Kambadahalli Photo Gallery Shravanabelagola Related Galleries Balaleela Mahotsava Pooja – Shravanabelagola March 27, 2010 Mahavir Jayanthi Celebrations […]


Timings – 6.30 am to 5.30 pm (entrance at the steps) The smaller hill known locally as Chikkabetta rises about 175 feet above the plain and is 3,052 ft above the level of the sea. In the old inscriptions it is designated as Katavapra in Sanskrit and as Kalvappu or Kalbappu in Kannada. A portion […]


Timings – 6.30 am to 5.30 pm (entrance at the steps) The larger hill known as Indragiri or Doddabetta rises about 470 feet above the plain at its foot and is 3,347 feet above the sea level. It is ovoid in shape, its long diameter being perhaps a quarter of a mile. It is also […]


Shravanabelagola occupies a unique and prominent place as an abode of innumerable Jain temples of Digambara sect in south India since 5th century. In addition to its archaeological and religious importance the artistic and antiquarian richness of the place has merited it immensely. It has derived its name Belagola from two Kannada words bel means […]


Shravanabelagola in all has 28 Jain temples that are spread across the town and the two hillocks. These are all maintained by the S.D.J.M.I. Managing Committee. Regular poojas are conducted by the Jaina priests appointed by the Jain Mutt at all the temples as per Jain rituals. In addtion to the Nitya Pooja offerings devotees […]


Good accommodation facilities are provided at Shravanabelagola by the Jain Mutt. One can reach out to the accommodation office (Vindyananda Yatrinivas) at Shravanabelagla and make accommodation bookings at the following nos.: 08176 257226 or 08176 257235. Reception – +91 08176 257131 / +91 9448544245 Accommodation – +91 08176 257258 / +91 7411948194

Around Shravanabelagola

Places of Jain Interest – There are many other Jain places of interest around shravanabelagola; these include Kerekodi Jakalamma, Padmavathi Cave, Kambadahalli, Bekka, Bastihalli, Shanthigrama, Hongere and Jinanathapura. Tourist Places – Haebìdu, Belur. Padmavathi Cave Bastihalli Bekka Jinanathapura Kambadahalli  


Contact Details at Shravanabelagola General Enquiries – 91 08176 257235. Pooja Enquiries – 91 08176 257281, from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm and 4.00 pm to 8.00 pm. Accommodation Enquiries/Bookings – 91 08176 257258. Chief Secretary – 91 08176 257226.


Shravanabelagola is situated in 12°-51′ north latitude and 76°-29′ east longitude. 13 Kms to the south-east of Channarayapatna in the Channarayapatna taluk of Hassan district of Karnataka state. It is at a distance of 51 KM south-east of Hassan, the district centre. It is situated at a distance of 12 Km to the south from […]


Shravanabelagola is at a distance of 51 Kms south-east of Hassan, the district centre. It is situated at a distance of 12 Km to the south from the Bangalore-Mangalore road (NH-48), 78 Kms from  Halebidu, 89 Kms from Belur, 83 Kms from Mysore, 233 Kms from Mangalore, 17 Kms from Hirisave and 157 Kms from […]

Deriving of the Name

Shravanabelagola or the white pond of the Sravana or the Jain monk is so named with reference to the colossal Jain image of the place and its prefix Shravana also serves to distinguish it from other Belgolas with the prefixes Hale and Kodi. The derivation of the word ‘Belagola’ appears to have been from the […]


About eight hundred odd inscriptions which the Karnataka Archeological Department has collected at the place are mostly Jaina and cover a very extended period from 600 to 1830 A.D. Some refer even to the remote time of Chandragupta Maurya and also relate the story of the first settlement of Jains at Shravanabelagola. That this village […]


There are 3 Digambar Jain temples at Varanga: Matada Basadi,  Kere Basadi/Chaturmukha Basadi, Neminath Basadi/Hire Basadi. Nemianth Basdi/Hhire Basadi – this temple is spread over an area of 70 feet by 70 feet and is about 1000 years old. A bronze idols of 24 tirthanakaras in kayotsarga posture is in the Navaranga (Wide Hall). The idol […]


Karkala was a great Jain centre from the ancient times nad was the capital of the Santra family. The huge Gommata statue here was installed in 1432 A.D. by Veera Pandyadeva a ruler of Bhairarasa(Santra) family of Karkala,who ruled here during the 14th century A.D.This statue has been carved out of a single stone standing […]