Jainism in Tamil Nadu

Call for deeper research on Jainism in TN

Chennai (Tamil Nadu), December 30 2016: If we want to understand the recorded history of Tamils, one probably has to start with Jainism in Tamilnadu, for such has been its influence on the land and its history, said Chennai 2000 Plus Trust president R Rangaraj, while delivering the Professor T Balakrishnan Nayar Memorial Endowment lecture […]


Jain scholar observes ‘santhara’ in Vandavasi

Chennai (Tamil Nadu), November 29, 2016: When the editor of ‘Mukkudai’, a monthly periodical of Tamil Jains, met its regular contributor and scholar J Appandirajan two days ago, he politely asked him to inform readers through a footnote that it would be his last column. Seventy-six-year-old Appandirajan has been undergoing santhara (sallekhana), a Jain ritual […]

Jain sadhvi duo preach ahimsa in US

Chennai (Tamil Nadu), September 15, 2013: At a time when travelling abroad or using gadgets like mobile phones and computers is still taboo for many Jain sadhus (monks) and sadhvis (nuns) here are two young nuns who embraced monk-hood immediately after graduating, and have crossed the seas to sermonise in the US. Both Samani (nun) […]

Jain students feted for excellence in education

Chennai (Tamil Nadu), July 2, 2013: In a first of its kind initiative, nearly 50 students from the Jain community were felicitated for excellence in education by the Bharathiya Jain Sangatana (BJS) and Sree Mahavir Jain Kalyan Sangh (SMJK). The awards were presented during an event held at the Gurushree Shantivijai Jain College for Women […]

Thriving in Chennai, the Jain way

Chennai (Tamil Nadu), May 20, 2013: G G Vandana Jain greets us with a Vanakkam, hands folded. Her flawless Tamil makes one doubt her Rajasthani roots. “I was born and brought up in Chennai and have been living here for the past 32 years. Hence I speak Marwari and Tamil with ease,” she says. Chennai […]

Seminar on Passionless Jina Dharma

Chennai, (Tamil Nadu), January 3, 2012: The 49th Seminar on Passionless Jina Dharma scheduled to be held at the under noted address between 4th Jan. and 6th Jan. 2013. Many of you are aware that during the winter and summer holidays Acharya Kund Kund Philosophy Propaganda centre a wing of the above institution conducts classes […]

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