Nellikar, Vestiges of a bygone era

– Article by Prasad Shenoy, (Translated by Anitha Pailoor), Deccan Herald Nellikar, a small hamlet set in the serene surroundings of Western Ghats is a window to the Jain tradition that dominated considerable part of coastal region of undivided Dakshina Kannada five centuries ago. Nellikar was earlier known as ‘Amalakapura’. Amalaka is the Sanskrit name […]

Tribhuvana Tilaka Chudamani Basadi (1000 pillars temple) - Moodabidri

The myriad moods of Moodabidri

– Article by Hazel Colaco, Deccan Herald Moodabidri, the very name evokes images of a cluster of bamboo groves. Mooda means east and bidre is bamboo and it is said that the abundance of bamboo groves in the area gave the place its name. However, there is more to Moodabidri than just bamboo. Situated 37 […]

Jain heritage of Haduvalli

– Article by Narayana Yaji, Deccan Herald Haduvalli, a small village near Bhatkal is known for its Jain heritage. There are a number of Jain temples or basadis in this village, which once was a Jain cultural centre. These relics of the past are declared as protected monuments under the Ancient Monument And Archeological Sites […]

13th Century Jain Nishadi's of a Single family discovered, Reveals interesting facts

13th Century Jain Nishadi’s of a Single family discovered, Reveals interesting facts

– Photos & Article by Ravikumar K. Navalagunda, Harihara (Translated to English by Nitin H.P.) Three Jain Nishadi’s (memorial stones installed in memory of Jain ascetics or Shravakas who have renounced their life by undertaking sallekhana) of 13th century belonging to the same family have been discovered at Kadakola village in Haveri district of Karnataka. […]

Mannes Ancient Jain Ruins

Manne’s Ancient Jain Ruins

– Article & Photos by: Nitin H.P., Bengaluru An article about the Jain ruins at Manne an ancient Jain Heritage Centre that served as a capital of Gangas for a considerable period. Ganga’s have always contributed enormously to art, culture and religions. Their contribution to Jainism is worth noting, this is evident through the remarkable […]

Uttameshwaras Unheard Jain Temple

Uttameshwara’s Unheard Jain Temple

– Article & Photos by Nitin H.P., Bangalore An article about an ancient Jain temple on a small hillock in the midst of western ghats in Chikamagalur district of Karnataka which is unknown to the external world. Narasimharajapura (N.R.Pura) & Humcha the twin Jain Heritage Centres of central Karnataka are well known to the Jain […]

Wade Tradition, Kavi Pampa and Jain Connections

Wade Tradition, Kavi Pampa and Jain Connections

Wades were the erstwhile epicenters for administration in North Karnataka and parts of Maharshtra that evolved during the rule of Bijapur Adilshahis and continuted till the end of British rule. This article will explore the concept of Wade, the North Karnataka’s oldest Jain Wade, its association with the well known Kannada poet Adikavi Pampa and […]

Chandragupta Basadi - Shravanabelagola's Oldest and Historic Temple

Chandragupta Basadi – Shravanabelagola’s Oldest & Historic Temple

-Article & Photos by Nitin H.P. Chandragupta Basadi on the Chandragiri hillock at Shravanabelagola happens to be the oldest and one the most historic temple at Shravabelagola. Read through for a detailed article about this temple.  Shravanabelagola has always been a key pilgrim centre for the Jains world over and a great historic centre. It houses […]

Ancient Jain Inscription & Nishadi discovered at Honnatti village in Haveri District of Karnataka.

12th Century Jain Inscription & Nishadi Discovered at Honnatti

Honnatti (Ranebennur Taluk, Haveri District, Karnataka), September 10, 2014: An ancient Jain inscription and a Nishadi (Jain memorial stone) have been discovered at Honnatti in Ranebennur Taluk of haveri district in Karnataka. This was discovered by Sri Ravikumar K Navalagunda, lecture of  Kannada, Government Per-University College, Bannikod, Harihara. Ravikumar is a research scholar perusing his […]

'Jain Tirthankar' idols found at 'Devagiri'

Ancient ‘Jain Tirthankar’ idols found at ‘Devagiri’

Devagiri (Haveri District, Karnataka), July 14, 2014: Two ancient Jain Tirthankar idols were found at Devagiri, a small village at a distance of 6 Kms from Haveri district in Karnataka. The idols were found in the front of a house besides the Basavanna temple while digging the land for foundation to construct a water tank. […]

Arabikothanur Jain Ruins

Arabikothanur Jain Ruins

The Tirthankar idol at Arabikothanur lies orphan in the open air. – Article & Photos by Nitin H.P. Arabhi Kothanur a small village at a distance of 12 Kms the district centre Kolar situated along the national highway has a rich heritage not much known to the external world. Its history dates back to the period […]

Upponi Ruins, Unique Jain Connections & Beliefs

Upponi Ruins, Unique Jain Connections & Beliefs

A very thought provoking article about the Jain ruins at Upponi a village in Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka its unique Jain connections & beliefs. – Article by Nitin H P The Jain ruins at Upponi, a small village in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka has a very unique Jain heritage with unique connections […]

The Headless Adinath idol is Runda Bhyrava at Aisoor

The Headless Adinath idol is ‘Runda Bhyrava’ at Aisoor

– Article by Nitin H P The headless ruined Adinath idol at Aisoor/Aisuru a remote village in Siddapur taluk of Uttara Kannada (Karwar) district of Karnataka is called as Runda Bhyrava by the locals. Based on the information received from some locals at Bilgi about existence of Jain antiques we started our journey towards Aisoor. […]


Kelasuru – Its History, Acharya Veerasena & Leppa Jain Idols

– Article by Nitin H P (Mapping by – Brahmananda Chipre) Kelasuru (Kelasur), a remote village in the Gundlupet taluk of Chamarajanagar district holds a very unique place in Jainism with a prolonged history of 1300 years, it is associated with the renowned Jaina Acahrya Veeraseena and known for its unique Leppa idols. In the […]

Ancient Jaina Nishadhi & rare ruined Chaturmukha Idol found at Kunchuru, Haveri District, Karnataka

Ancient Jaina Nishadi & Rare Ruined Chaturmukha Tirthankar Idol Discovered at Kunchuru

Kunchuru (Hirekerur Taluk, Haveri District, Karnataka), November 24, 2013: An ancient Jaina Nishadi (memorial stone) and a rare ruined Chaturmukha idol has been discovered at Kunchuru village besides the Terina Mane (chariot house) in an open air in the Hirekerur taluk of Haveri district in Karnataka by Ravikumar K. Navalagunda a lecturer in Kannada at […]

K.Hemmanahalli’s Ruined Tirthankara idol

– Article by Nitin H P (Mapping by – Brahmananda Chipre) K.Hemmanahalli’s Ruined Tirthankara idol in the premises of a Hindu temple near Mysore – Worshiped as per Hindu Traditions K.Hemmanahalli – This is a small village situated at a distance of 9 Kms form Mysore. A ruined idol of Tirthankara has been burried through […]

Jain Basadis throw light on history

Mulluru (Kodagu District, Karnataka): One of the most ancient Jain centres in Kodagu is situated in Mulluru near Shanivarasanthe. Three Jain Basadis in memory of Jain Theerthankaras have been throwing light on the history of Jainism in the region. The place was the capital of the Kongalvas, who were the subordinates of the Cholas. There […]

Restoration hope for Jain relics

Behrampore (Odisha): In absence of any government response to save the Jain architecture and monuments in Murshidabad, many of them around one-and-a-half century old and depicting a fusion of Jain and Bengal’s architectural styles, Murshidabad Heritage Development Society is planning to create a kitty to fund the restoration. The project, submitted with the Ministry of […]