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    History – The Mahavir temple of Osian (also Osia or Osyan), is situated on the western edge of the town and a long way from the Hindu temple-hill, has found entry into about all the major books on Indian art and architecture. The same cannot be said, regrettably, of other, equally splendid Jaina temples. The easy access from Jodhpur by rail and road – a distance of fifty-two kilometres – may have something to do with it. The main reason for the scholars attention to this shrine is, however, its significance as one of the very few still extant prototypes of a new and more elaborate temple- style that was to develop into such masterpieces as the Parshvanath temples at Khajuraho, Sadri and Ranakpur. The Mahavir temple at Osian was built, according to an inscription, in the last quarter of the eighth century, at a time prior to the bigger intrusions of Muslim forces, in the course of which many temples were reduced to rubble. Unfortunately, none of the original Jina statues of the Mahavir temple have come to light; also the tower above the sanctum is of a later time and style. Once this was a large and prosperous city. In ancient times, it was known by many names. The inscription states that king Utpaldev built this temple and Acharya Ratnapradhasurishvarji installed the idol. In the ‘Osian Vir Stavan’ composed by Sri Nayapramod, the disciple of him Udaya in the year 1712 o the Vikram era, it is stated that this idol was installed by King Samprati. After lying in the hollow of the earth for centuries, when Uhad, the king’s advisor, settled. The city, Acharya Ratnapradhasurishvarji blessed this land by putting his foot – steps on it. It is said that this temple was renovated and the idol was installed in it in the year 1017 of the Vikram era. It was renovated again and again from time to time. There is a famous and very miraculous idol of the presiding deity named. Puniya Baba and the ancient idols of a male snake and a female snake are can also be found here. Acharya Ratnaprabhaji preached Chamundadevi and made her right – faithed (Samyaktvi) and adorned her with the name Sachchimata. By her divine power, an idol of Bhagawan Mahavir was made of cow – milk and sand. A fare is held here on the third day of the bright half of the month of Palaguna. There is a Dadawadi on the hill in the village; there are charan of Acharya Ratnaprabhaji Surisvarji. There is also a temple of Sachaiamata at a distance of one kilometer. This is a tirth of religion as a well as tirth of From the viewpoint of art and sculpture Researchers of archaeological skill and ancient sculpture, come here from different parts of the country to study its rich architectural skill.

    How to Reach – The temple is situated in the center of the Osian village. Osian is situated along the Jodhpur – Jaisalmer railway line. Jodhpur is at a distance of 65 kilometers fro Osian.

    Main Deity – Nearly 32 inches high, Golden colored idol of Bhagawan Mahavir Swami in the Padmasana posture.

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