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Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh as the name suggests is located in the central part of India. We can find as many as six Siddha Kshetras and more than twenty Athishaya Kshetras having a very diverse and impressive history. The Jain temples of the region are rich in art and architecture. The kings who have ruled the region over the years have contributed greatly to the development of Jainism in the region. Some of the important places in Madhya Pradesh that are worth mentioning from the architectural point of view include Khajuraho, Deogarh, Lalitpur, Aharji, Nainagiri, Gyraspur, Vidisha, Gwalior, Un Pavagiri, Badwani etc.

Bundelkhand, part of modern Madhya Pradesh has been a Jain heartland with various Jain communities.  It has been an ancient centre of Jainism. It is mostly in modern Madhya Pradesh, but part of it is in Uttar Pradesh.

Many Jain Heritage Centres Vidisha, Deogarh, Lalitpur, Karguanji (Jhansi), Chanderi, Kundalpur, Khajuraho, Aharji, Paporaji, Drongir (chhatarpur), Sonagir, Nainagiri, Badagaon, Pateriaji, Nisaiji etc. are in this region.

Bundelkhand is home to several Jain communities: Parwar, Golapurva, Golalare, Taranpanthi (including Samaiya, Charanagare and Ayodhyavasi), Kathanere.

The Bhadavar region located adjacent to Bundelkhand is also a region with sizable Jain population.

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