Heritage Centre Type : Tirtha Kshetra Temple Name : Sahasraphani 1008 Sri Neminath Swamy Digambar Jain Temple Temple Type : Digambar Temple Main Deity : Lord Neminath Trithankar Temple Details: This temple has the idol of Lord Neminath Tirthankar as the main deity. The idol of Goddess Padmavati over here is said to be miraculous. Location: […]


Main Deities – Idol of Lord Parshwanath in padmasana posture and idol of Goddess Padmavati. About Vadanbail – Vadanbail in a small village located in the midst of Western Ghats besides Jogfalls in Sagara taluk of Shimoga/Shivamogga district. Temples at Vadanbail Sri Padmavati Basadi – This temple has the idols of Goddess Padmavati and Lord Parshwanath. This […]

Annual Rathayatra Mahotsava Hombuja – 2017

Annual Rathayatra Mahotsava of Goddess Padmavati at Hombuja from 17th-22nd March 2017

Hombuja (Shimoga District, Karnataka), February 15, 2017: The annual Rathayatra Mahotsava of Lord Parshwanatha and Goddess Padmavathi will be held with other programmes at Humcha from 17th to 22nd February 2017 under the guidance of His Holiness Paramapujya Jagadguru Swasti Sri Devendrakeerthi Bhattarakha Swamiji. The detailed programme Schedule is as below: 14th March 2017 – Ganadhara Valaya Aradhana at Sri […]

Varuna Jain Ruins & Inscriptions

Varuna a small hamlet situated at a distance of 12 Kms from Mysore the cultural capital of Karnataka at the outset appears just like any another village in Karnataka until we start exploring its heritage. It bears a rich heritage in terms of history and culture from the period of early Western Gangas of Talakad […]

Mannes Ancient Jain Ruins

Manne’s Ancient Jain Ruins

– Article & Photos by: Nitin H.P., Bengaluru An article about the Jain ruins at Manne an ancient Jain Heritage Centre that served as a capital of Gangas for a considerable period. Ganga’s have always contributed enormously to art, culture and religions. Their contribution to Jainism is worth noting, this is evident through the remarkable […]

Uttameshwaras Unheard Jain Temple

Uttameshwara’s Unheard Jain Temple

– Article & Photos by Nitin H.P., Bangalore An article about an ancient Jain temple on a small hillock in the midst of western ghats in Chikamagalur district of Karnataka which is unknown to the external world. Narasimharajapura (N.R.Pura) & Humcha the twin Jain Heritage Centres of central Karnataka are well known to the Jain […]

Chandragupta Basadi - Shravanabelagola's Oldest and Historic Temple

Chandragupta Basadi – Shravanabelagola’s Oldest & Historic Temple

-Article & Photos by Nitin H.P. Chandragupta Basadi on the Chandragiri hillock at Shravanabelagola happens to be the oldest and one the most historic temple at Shravabelagola. Read through for a detailed article about this temple.  Shravanabelagola has always been a key pilgrim centre for the Jains world over and a great historic centre. It houses […]

Annual Rathayatra Mahotsava at Hombuja

Hombuja (Shimoga District, Karnataka), March 15, 2013: The annual Rathayatra Mahotsava of Lord Parshwanatha and Goddess Padmavathi will be  held with other programmes at Humcha from 30th March to 4th April 2013 under the guidance of His Holiness Paramapujya Jagadguru Swasti Sri Devendrakeerthi Bhattarakha Swamiji. The detailed programme Schedule is as below: 27th to 29th […]

Annual Rathayatra at Varanga

Varanga (Udupi District, Karnataka), February 6, 2013: The annual rathayatra of Lord Sri Neminath & Goddess Padmavathi at Atishaya Kshetra Varanga will be held from February 25 to March 1, 2013 under the guidance of His Holiness Swasti Sri Devendrakeerthi Bhattarakha Swamiji of Humcha Jain Mutt. Pushpa Rathayatra will be conducted on February 27 & […]


History – Humcha or Hombuja or Hunchadakatte is the well known Padmavathi shrine in Karnataka. In fact it can be rated as the most popular of all the Padmavathi shrines in the world. Jain Temples and places of Interest at Humcha We can classify the Jain temples and places of Interest at Humcha as follows: Main […]


History – Venoor / Venur is a historical place, many relics of the past are found here. It was the capital of the Ajila kings. The Bahubali statue standing on a pair of lotus found here was installed by Thimmanna Ajila in 1604 AD. Eight Jain temples can be found here among them the Shanthinatha temple […]


History – Srirangapatna holds a unique place in the history of Karnataka and the history of Indian Independence. It was a administered in h name of Vijayanagara sovereigns by a viceroy known as Sri Rangaraya, when the imperial capital was at Chandragiri. In 1610 when Raja Wodeyar of Mysore took pocession of Srirangapatna, it was the […]


History – Mandya is called as the sugar city of Karnataka. It has very good transport facilities connecting the various parts of the state. The Jain temple here consists of the idol of Bhagwan Ananthanatha Swamy in the Kayotsarga posture. Along with the idol of Bhagwan Ananthanatha we can also find the idol of Godess […]


History – The idol of Brahmadeva sitting on a horse found here at Sri Kodi Brahmadeva temple is said to have been formed by itself. It is a very unique of its kind and is also one of the biggest statues (around 6 feet) of Brahma Yaksha found in the world. Devotees mainly from Bangalore district […]

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