Asuriya – Samavasarana Tirth

History : Bharuch region happens to be the place of Samavasarana (Samavasarana Bhoomi) of Lord Ajithanath, Chandraprabhu and Munisuvratanath Tirthankars. This Tirth has been set up in memory of this. Heritage Centre Type : Tirtha Kshetra How to Reach : The tirth is located near Asuriya village besides the national highway 8 (NH8) while travelling from […]

Jain community from Gujarat to get minority status by July end

Ahmedabad (Gujarat), June 30, 2015: Welcoming the move, Jain leaders have expressed happiness and claimed that the minority tag will help the community in preserving their culture. Jain community members living in the BJP-ruled Gujarat are set to get the minority status by end of next month, Social Justice and Empowerment Minister Ramanlal Vora said on […]

Devotees in Gujarat reminded of 11 ‘karmas’

Ahmedabad (Gujarat), September 14, 2012: On the second day of Paryushan on Thursday, various derasars across the city witnessed huge rush of Jain devotees when thousands flocked to join religious discourses during the 9-day period of coming together. While the discourse of first day revolved around five duties during Paryushan, the second day discourse revolved […]

One more temple robbed in Patan

Ahmedabad (Gujarat), September 7, 2012: Temples in North Guajrat continue to be robbed. The latest incident of robbery took place in a Jain temple in Patan taluka. Robbers broke into the tenple in the wee hours on Wednesday and stole Rs 10 lakh worth of jewellery. Interestingly, despite several notifications of installing CCTV cameras in […]


History – Previously called by the name Prahaladpur, Palanpur has a history that dates back to the thirteenth century of the Vikrama Era. This place was ruled by king Prahalad and hence was called by the name Prahladpur. Also the temple here was built by king Prahalad and hence the idol of Bhagawan Parshwanatha became […]


History – It is said that Naroda being situated to the east of Karnavati was a Nishad city. It is believed that it was the capital of king Nal. The idol of Godi Parshwanatha is also called as Padmavathi Parshwanatha. The idol was found under the ground during the excavation work and the temple was […]

Nani Khakhar

Nani Khakhar – This temple is about one  hundred years with a vast compound. We can find the idols of Bhagawan Padmaprabh Swami to the right and Bhagawan Chandraprabh Swami to the left of the main deity Chintamani Parshvanath. How to Reach – Nani Khakhar is situated In the Mandvi taluk. It is at a […]


History – The new idol was installed in this temple under the auspices of Acharya Vijayrajendrasurisvarji on Sunday May 7, 1995, the seventh day of the bright half of the month of Vaishakh in the year 2051 of the Vikram era. The idol of the present main deity, Manamohan Parshwanatha is newly installed. The old […]


History – This pilgrimage place belongs to the group of the five pilgrimage places of the Abadasa Taluk of Kutch. Built by Seth Narsinh Natha on the Fifth day of the bright half of the month of Magh (Vasant Panchmi) in the year 1897 of the Vikram era, this temple with sixteen huge peaks and […]


History – It is said that this temple belongs to the times earlier than the ninth century of the Vikram era. While describing this temple, Jinaprabhasurisvarji says that Bappabhattacharyaji used to come from space route to pilgrimage this place. Inscriptions say that a temple of Bhagawan Mahavira was found here. The Jain monks of the […]


History – It is said that there was a temple in Modasar in the fourteenth century. The idols in this temple were installed by a  merchant named Sohad under the presence of His Holiness Ramchandravijayji Maharaj Saheb. The five Jain idols found in this temple is said to be of the time of king Samprati. […]


History – According to an inscription it is said that the  temple was constructed on the second day of the bright half of the month of Ashadh in the year 1343 of the Vikram era. It is indicated that this temple belongs to a period prior to the fourteenth century of Vikram era. A story […]


History – The history of the city dates back to 15 century of the Vikram Era. The ancient temple of Manmohana Parshwanatha found  in the city was constructed under the inspiration of Acharya Kailassagarsuri Maharaj Saheb. The idol of Manmohana Parshwanatha was installed in the new temple on the sixth day of the bright half […]


History – The image of Bhagawan Satyadev Sumatinatha was found in the open ground of the village ‘Suhunj’ of the Mahemadavad Taluk. It was formally installed in the temple of Matar in the year 1854 of the Vikram era. Later on, it was renovated many times. When the idol was being brought to Matar, there […]

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