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Chaturmas Directory

Chaturmas is a period wherein the munis and their followers follow the principle of non-violence strictly by staying in a single place for a period of four months. The travel from place to place is forbidden in view of the generation and propagation of the religion. The animate elements like the plants and the creatures emanate in excess during this period. Nature unravels its inherent beauty and which shrines in a state of tranquility. The plants and flowers blossom with full-blown picture. A pellucid environment will be created.
It is a unique time suggesting the conduction of religious assemblies for the followers and studies the religion in its depth. It spreads from ashad to Karthik months. It creates religious awareness among the people. The rituals are observed in serenity. This period is studded with a multitude of festive occasions. During this period holy Friday, attainment of salvation by Bhagawan Parshwanath (Mukuta Saptami), the consecration of Bhagawan Neminatha, and Bhagawan Suparshwanatha and also thread ceremony are celebrated. It is an auspicious and holy period to attain salvation. Furthermore, Shodashakarana rituals and Dashalakshana parva are conducted. Acharya Shanthisagarji Maharaj attained salvation during this period.
WWW.JAINHERITAGECENTRES.COM is the first ever website to publish the Jain Chaturmas Directory on the internet. One of the unique features of the directory is it gives information of all the sects and sub sects of Jainism. It has been publishing the Chaturmas Directory since its inception, i.e. 2002. Below are given the links to the Chaturmas Directories since 2002.

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