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Jainism & Philately

The study and collection of stamps and related items popularly called as Philately has been one of the very unique hobbies of mankind. They provide a platform for the study of different aspects of life and have been a great source of knowledge. With the evolution of mankind stamps related to almost all the fields have been released and this further motivated the philatelists to focus on specific themes. Likewise the release of stamps related to Jainism from time to time has motivated many philatelists to have Jainism as one of their themes and area of interest. Mr.Sudhir Jain of Satna (Madhya Pradesh) is one such person who has worked extensively in the field of Jainism and Philately. This expertise of Sudhirji prompted us to approach him to set up an online gallery on Jainism and Philately.
Here Sudhirji has made every attempt to provide as much information as possible and has helped us make this a valuable source of information to the religion and mankind at large. We would like to thank Sudhirji for this and hope you enjoy this.
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