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    History – Aluruttimalai, also know as Ammachatram hill has a natural cave on its northern slope. The cave contains four polished stone berths on the floor. Two of them are hewn together as to form a double berth, while the others have been carved to form single berth. The absence of any other datable evidence, especially inscriptions, makes it difficult to ascertain the period of its first habitation by Jain monks. The overhanging rock has two carved reliefs of Tirthankaras seated in the dhyana posture with triple umbrellas above the head. These images, probably representing the first and the last Jinas bear the stylistic features of the tenth century, and indicate that these darshana bimbas are not co-eval with the carving of the stone berths. The Jain images carved on the overhanging rock were called Tiruppallimalai-Alvar.

    How to Reach – Aluruttimalai is located near in Narttamalai in the Pudukkottai region.

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