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Jain heritage of Haduvalli

    – Article by Narayana Yaji, Deccan Herald

    Haduvalli, a small village near Bhatkal is known for its Jain heritage. There are a number of Jain temples or basadis in this village, which once was a Jain cultural centre. These relics of the past are declared as protected monuments under the Ancient Monument And Archeological Sites & Remains Act.

    It is said that the village, which was a centre of art and architecture, was once known as Sangeetapura, the land of music and fine arts.

    Most of the basadis here are built on two hillocks – Chandragiri and Indragiri – that stand facing each other. A statue of Jain tirthankara Chandranath can be seen in the Chandranath Basadi which is said to be constructed in the 14th century.  The Basadi has beautifully carved stone pillars.

    Parshwanath Basadi, Neminath Basadi and Padmavathi Temple are  some other prominent structures that offer glimpses of the Jain architectural splendour. Padmavathi Temple is in the possession of a family and has statues of 24 tirthankaras carved in stone. The height of the statues is about half-a-metre. All the statues have inscriptions in diminutive letters.

    Most of these statues and idols are said to be carved in the 15th century. The temples are maintained properly and have a pleasant atmosphere. The basadis are managed by a trust called Sri Padmavathi Jwalamalini and Chandranatha Swami Basti Trust.

    The quiet and solemn environment of the village reminds one of its past glory.

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