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Jain Heritage of West Bengal

    + A Journey through the Jain Heritage Centres of West Bengal.
    + 4 days of field work.
    + 800 Kms of travel.
    + 26 Jain Heritage Centres.
    + A journey through the Jain ruins, idols and temples of Purulia and Bankura districts of West Bengal.
    + All Jain heritage centres are well within 150 Kms from Sammedh Shikarji, the most sacred & acclaimed Jain Tirth.
    + Guidance by Jain scholars
    + Unstinted dedicated support by Sarak Jains
    + Supported by Shri Bharatavarshiya Digambar Jain Mahasabha
    + Accompanied by local researchers & dedicated souls
    + An expedition by team – JHC – WWW.JAINHERITAGECENTRES.COM.

    The unique Tirthankar sculptures with impressive iconography, sculptures with Ashta Dikpalakas, variety of Ambika idols, temples and the ruins stand as a testimony to the glorious past. Tirthankar’s the harbingers of non-violence are kept in the midst of Hindu idols where animal sacrifice happens even to this day. Feel very sad at the sorry state of affairs of the great Jain religion. We were almost into tears. Its high time Jains wake up and work towards the preservation of the ancient Jain heritage. If not, we have none other than ourselves to blame for the debacle of this great religion.

    Watch this video for a quick glimpse of our journey.

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