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Jain Maps Project

    The Jain maps project has been conceptualised with an intention of buidling a strong an online database of Jain Maps through the GOOGLE MAPS.

    How this works: As many are aware, Google Maps provides the latest and the most updated maps of the differents villages, towns and cities of the world. They have an open source concept where in any one with a Google account can login and mark different locations. Likewise, we encourage our visitors to kindly go ahead and add/mark the places of Jain worship/Jain interest on the Google Maps. Once this is done they can click on the “Link to this page” text on the top right hand corner of the page. Once this is done they will come across an address in the address bar of their browser. Visitors can copy this address and mail us with the details of the map. Our team will verify this link and will embed in on the Jain Heritage Centres page.

    How Does this benefit the Jain Community: As our visitors send us the details of the locations along with the address we will be embedding them as a part of the respective Jain Heritage Centre/temples page. This is turn will help the Jain community when some other visitors browse through the pages and help them in having an easy drive in directions to the places.

    For any further queries on the Jain Maps projects please send us your queries to with the subject as ‘Jain Maps‘.

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