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Peda Amiram

    How to Reach – The Amiram village is situated at a distance of 4 kilometers from the nearest nearest railway station of Bhimavaram. Bus service and private vehicles are available tot his place.

    Accommodation Details – Boarding and lodging facilities at this place are good.

    Temple History – The temple of bhagwan Vimalanatha here was a renovated recently. There is no proof about the history of the idol. Its artistry reveals that it is more than a thousand years old. This idol was got during the land excavations about 75 years ago. In a story it is said that the idol was neglected by the villagers and was kept in a very mutilated place. This resulted in torment in the village. But when they installed the idol at a proper place the atmosphere of peace spread over the village. Even today this idol is regarded to be miraculous. In the month of Chaitra every year annual pooja is carried out. This idol was installed in the new temple under inspiration of Munishri Nandavijayji on the auspicious eighth day of the month of Magh in the year 2021 of the Vikram era.


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